Company History

Energy-Onix was founded in 1987 by Bernard Wise, a broadcast pioneer with over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of broadcast transmitters. Mr. Wise is credited with bringing the "Grounded Grid" design to FM broadcasting.

Today his innovation and design advancement continue at Energy-Onix through the development and refinement of the grounded grid transmitter and solid state components. Energy-Onix produces state-of-the-art high MU triode tube grounded grid transmitters and lower power solid state transmitters.

Since it's founding, Energy-Onix had provided over 750 AM, FM and Short-wave transmitters to broadcasters throughout the United States and the world. Energy-Onix credits the growing acceptance of its products to the increasing recognition of their exceptional quality and many unique features.

Energy-Onix transmitters are "On The Air" in Central and South America, Mexico, Iceland, Turkey, Africa, Greece, Australia, the Philippines, Korea and other international locations including 'Radio-7' - the first commercial radio station in Moscow, Russia. Energy-Onix's export activities have earned the Governor's Export Achievement Award (NY) and have been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Bernard Wise began designing transmitters as an engineer with RCA, where he worked on the design team for their first UHF TV transmitter. His frequency studies and spectrum analyses were used by the Federal Communications Commission to allocate the UHF TV band in the United States.

In 1962, Bernard Wise founded CCA Electronics Corporation, Inc. of Gloucester City, New Jersey. At CCA he designed, developed and introduced the Grounded Grid Transmitter to FM broadcasting. The era of Wise innovation at CCA ended in 1974 with the sale of the company.

At present, Energy-Onix offers a complete line of one tube and solid state FM transmitters, solid state PDM AM transmitters and the revolutionary TeleLink STL equipment for "line of sight" using Spread Spectrum Microwave, and long distance internet interconnection. All of these equipments are presently being evaluated for digital performance.

Bernard Wise continues his pursuit to become the premiere manufacturer of high quality, leading edge transmitter products. This vision led to the formation of Energy-Onix, with a dedicated engineering and management team, to continue the leadership of innovation into the future.

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